"Childhood is a journey and not a race"


Discipline Policy: The goal of discipline is to help children develop safe and appropriate ways of interacting with others and with the environment. Guidance and discipline techniques to be used with children include:

*Setting clear and enforceable limits

*Modeling acceptable behavior

*Recognizing each child’s individual needs

*Structuring the environment and schedule to maximize good


*Recognizing children’s efforts

*Anticipating and eliminating potential problems


*Good timing of teacher intervention

*Planning the daily schedule in such a manner as to allow children

a successful mixture of choice and structure

*Use of natural and logical consequences and encouraging

problem solving

Children may be removed from the environment with a staff member  for “A Break” to assist them in regaining self-control. They are invited to rejoin the group when they feel ready. Any separation from the group will always be with a staff member and they will help aid your child in regaining self-control.

In the event that the techniques that the center implements to guide and discipline children are ineffective, a meeting between the child’s parent and center staff will be conducted to develop strategies to assist the child in developing self-control.

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